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With excellent accounting, tax, payroll, and other financial services, Weaccountax has constructed a great reputation in Westminster and across the country. Our commitment and stewardship to provide excellent and professional services to our clients belonging to different kinds of businesses set us apart from the rest of the accounting services in the city. Holding a team of accounting, taxation, and payroll experts who are highly qualified and well experienced, we are up to the mark to help our clients in dealing with their problems and difficulties in remarkable ways. If you are looking for the outsourcing of your accounting needs and other secretarial functions, Weaccountax Westminster can be the perfect match for your business’s needs in this regard.

Accounting Services in Westminster

Weaccountax Westminster will be the right choice to deal with the following accounting functions of your businesses as our accountants are fully equipped with the modern accounting mechanisms and technology.

Company Formation

Apart from the fact that Westminster has bountiful business opportunities and welcomes new business ventures, the complexities and legal requirements of following the procedures set by the local city council as well as the Companies House can not be ignored. Specifically, when it comes to first-timers, it may become more complex, but while Weaccountax is there to provide every possible ease, one should not be worried about it. Our company formation experts are highly efficient in making the entire process easy as they not only prepare the required documents for the company registration with the Companies House but also help our clients in getting licenses from the local authorities to enable them to manage other resources for starting productive operations of the company formed.

Company Address Services   

Westminster is considered the heart of London, and having an office there is the dream of every business owner. For the businesses that are looking for the operational company address services to complete their company formation procedures or those who are being run from houses and are facing privacy issues, they should take advantage of Weaccountax’s expertise in providing marvelous office addresses. We are fully efficient in providing operational offices at the key locations in the city. We are also exceptional in helping our clients to manage their official mails through our online mailing system and prevent them from receiving unsolicited ones.

Trademark Registration

In the company formation procedure, trademark registration is the legitimate requirement by the Companies House to enlist businesses in its public directories. Regardless of the legal significance of having a registered trademark, it is also important for increasing brand awareness and giving an identity to the products and services of the respective business in the market. Businesses are legally bound to have unique trademarks; otherwise, they can face legal complexities by using trademarks of other businesses without their consent. Weaccountax provides trademark designing as well as registration services and helps businesses in getting unique ones by making extensive research on the existing ones. 

Annual Accounts Services 

Within the 21months after registration of your business, you are required to submit a report to HMRC, Companies House, shareholders, and other people of interest, communicating the detailed information regarding the company’s annual financial performance and activities. The preparation of such reports takes too much time and resources that can be utilized in other aspects of the business. In this regard, the accounting experts from Weaccountax can help businesses in preparing their financial reports according to the international accounting standards by managing all the records and accounts of the client company. By hiring our accounting specialists, businesses can make their life easy to stay focused on their growth and development planning and roadmaps advised in the timely prepared and submitted financial reports. 

Annual Return Filling Services

The submission of confirmation statements or annual return to Companies House is an essential duty of the registered businesses in the UK and specifically in Westminster. Businesses or companies failing to provide details like company name, type, company reference number, officers, latest changes and modifications, shareholders, business office address, and capital shares with accurate calculations within the specified deadlines can face heavy penalties. Our accounting experts have all the skills and efficiencies to prepare such returns or statements in accordance with the standards set by the respective authority. They are exceptional in enabling our clients to meet deadlines and submit accurate details and calculations to avoid legal consequences.

Taxation Services in Westminster

Preparation and submission of the tax returns is quite an intricate and onerous task that is legally essential for the businesses to deal with. To avoid complications and save time from such tasks, Weaccountax can assist you through its following taxation services.

VAT Return

To avoid penalties and run your business smoothly without facing legal complications, it is essential for you to file a VAT return if your business is registered for VAT with HMRC. A VAT return holds complex calculations, and a minor mistake in this regard can cause legal complications and initiation of VAT investigations that may lead to fraud charges. By outsourcing your VAT return filing functions to Weaccountax, which is considered as a pioneer in the bookkeeping and taxation fields, this tension can be reduced at very affordable charges. Our taxation solicitors are aware of all legal complications and are equipped with tools to make appropriate calculations for enabling clients to meet the deadlines and file accurate returns according to the requirements in the VAT return form provided by HMRC.

VAT Registration Services

Without being registered for VAT with HMRC, no business can claim for input or output VAT on their sales and purchases. The registration for VAT becomes compulsory for businesses when they reach the threshold of the annual turnover of £85,000. Weaccountax will be the right choice to deal with the VAT registration process with perfection as our taxation solicitors can avoid you to lose focus from business development activities by getting involved with the preparation of the required documents and details with accuracy. We have the resources to make the VAT registration process faster to enable your business to charge Vat on its sales. We also assist our clients in getting their businesses registered for VAT within the timeframe implemented by the HMRC to avoid legal complications and penalties.  

Income Tax Returns

Weaccountax will be up to the mark in providing high-end self-assessment tax return filing services without discriminating among individuals and businesses. Under the taxation laws and regulations by the government regarding income tax, every individual who is self-employed and business is required to pay tax on their taxable income and file the returns with accurate calculations; otherwise, they may face legal actions by the respective authorities. Our professionals are highly commendable for preparing your income tax returns with accurate calculations and maximum identified deductions and reliefs to enable our clients to pay less and submit the returns within the deadlines to avoid legal complexities.

Capital Gain Tax Return

Every chargeable individual or business is legitimately bound to pay capital gain tax on the realized profits from the sale activities of their taxable possessions. By hiring the professional taxation solicitors from Weaccountax, will not only enable you to plan your sale activities in lest costly ways and identify the maximum deductions and exemption points to pay the minimum possible amount of profits as CGT to HMRC. Our solicitors are unbeatable in finding the legal ways in this regard to avoid any sort of legal action due to filing inaccurate returns and paying miscalculated amounts of CGT by violating HMRC’s regulations.

Inheritance Tax Return

Being a UK national, every individual is bound to pay tax on the transfer of inherited properties or cash to the next generations. Without proper planning and finding the lawful ways to transfer the properties, one may overpay or might provide inaccurate details that can cause heavy penalties and even fraud charges. Our experts are up to the mark in providing every possible relief to clients and enable them to pay minimum IHT but within the legal limits and regulations.

PAYROLL Services in Westminster

Businesses facing troubles with their payroll management functions or need to have an effective payroll system can contact us for the following services. 

PAYE Registration Services

Weaccountax is marvelously offering the PAYE registration services to every sort of small and medium businesses that are required to be register5ed as employers with HMRC to make direct cuts in the form of income tax and national insurance from the salaries of their workers. Our PAYE solicitors are exceptional in making the process faster and easier for the client businesses through preparing the required documents and details of the employees with complete accuracy and according to the requirements by the respective authority. If your too facing troubles with the registration process, hire us, and be relaxed to stay focused on your business development functions and activities.

Payroll Services

No other accounting and taxation company can beat our standards of payroll services as our payroll experts, along with our online payroll management system, are exceptional to deal with every sort of payroll function. By hiring payroll services from Weaccountax, one can take advantage of our faster payroll management system that can efficiently manage complete features and functions of businesses regarding their payroll tasks like creating payslips, invoices, employees’ performance summaries, etc.

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