Trademark Registration


Trademark is a recognized sign, group of words or design which identifies and protect the product or service of the particular organization.

Benefits of Trademark Registration are as follows:

  1. A company can build a brand reputation by providing excellent value to their customers without fear of losing identity.
  2. Legal actions can be taken against other organization using your registered trademark
  3. Registering a trademark, make customer believe in company’s commitment towards protection of their brand and providing excellent value in terms of product or services
  4. After Trademark Registration of companies can sell or license their brand in the industry.

Following are the condition which needs to be fulfilled before registering a trademark:

  1. Trademark has to follow some ethical standards in order to be registered. Anything offensive in any regard to any individual (majority or minority included) cannot be registered as a trademark.
  2. Wrongful description of the product or services cannot be used to registered a trademark for those services and products
  3. It should be a unique representation i.e. not nondistinctive or common trademark.
  4. Trademark too similar to another registered trademark in some other company’s name cannot be registered as a trademark of your company.

Trademark attorney can help you for register a trademark to ensure that such trademark wasn’t registered before. Even if you are interested a registering a trademark similar to an already registered trademark, a client will have to acquire a letter of consent from the individual or company whose trademark was previously registered.

Even if you are interested Trademark Registration similar to the already registered trademark, a client will have to acquire a letter of consent from the individual or company whose trademark was previously registered.

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Register a Trademark

Trademark registration fee to be paid to the regulatory authority is 100 pounds initially and for every class you want to register your trademark into you have to pay additionally 25 pounds each.

To properly secure your trademark from all side, one must register their trademark in all relevant classes to ensure their right on that trademark.

WeAccountax legal expertise knows no bounds when it comes to registering trademarks, our expert team of business leaders can assess and provide suitable trademark suggestions for the business which truly represent the actual desired image of the company to the target customers.

Our right procedural approach enables us to get things done as quickly as soon and with least objections possible.

Even if the regulatory authorities have some objections in our client’s trademark registration case our expert time can get back to the regulatory authorities and get the issue resolved in getting least resources involved by our client.

WeAccountax ensures timely, smooth and secure registration of trade, which can give a new face to your business to rise above your competitors and expand your market share among your customer market.

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