Self Employed and Sole Trader Income Calculator

Vat Calculator

Some receipts your business receives may not show a breakdown of the VAT charged. This calculator can help you work out what the VAT element is. You can select gross (the total amount) or net (the amount before VAT is calculated).

Corporation Tax Calculator

This handy calculator tells you exactly how much tax you will owe to HMRC for any given accounting period based on your company’s profits. It will also tell you your profits after tax has been deducted.

If your annual profits are going to be under £300,000 then this calculator can also be useful for estimating how much profits you have available for dividends. For instance you could use the calculator each month or quarter to work out a rough idea of your profit after tax and therefore how much you can take in dividends that month/quarter.

Accounting Period

2020-04-01 To: 2018-03-31

Gross Profit Calculator

Calculate your gross profit margin

Calculate your gross profit and cost of sales

Break Even Calculator

This calculator will provide the sales figure you need in order to break even, i.e. obtain a net profit figure of zero.

Capital gains tax

If you have made a gain on disposal of assets as an individual during a tax year then this calculator will show you how much you owe to HMRC.

This calculator does not take other income into consideration, neither does it take entrepreneurs relief into consideration for disposal of a business.