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It is trending among modern-day small businesses to outsource their accounting, taxation, and payroll management affairs to stay focused on business growth and development planning. In this regard, if you are running a small or medium-sized business in Salford or any part of the UK and want to outsource these functions, Weaccountax will be the perfect match to serve you in the best possible ways. Our experience of 30 years in the accounting field allows us to fulfill the needs of client businesses, and the utilization of the latest accounting technologies and tools sets us apart from the rest ones in the city. Our team of accountants, taxation agents, business consultants, and payroll experts is capable of dealing with every sort of legal and business development issues efficiently.

Accounting services in Salford

Businesses in Salford who are facing difficulties and problems with their following aspects of accounting functions can ask us for assistance without any hesitation. Weaccountax has all the required expertise to make their business life easy by providing outstanding services at affordable costs.

Company Formation

Starting own business is the dream of every second person who can afford the capital and investments, but it is the legal procedure that can make it difficult task for them specifically when one is fully unaware of the procedure and the needed documents. Even if one knows the entire process, it could be a hectic task, and it will take too much time and effort that could be invested in the business development by hiring a professional accounting service like Weaccountax Salford. Our company formation experts are exclusive to help you in every aspect of the company formation and registration process. We not only assist our client in dealing with the process but also prepared required documents in accordance with the legal requirements by Companies House.

Company Address Services

You can ask us for the company address services in the Salford, as no other accountancy and company address service provider can beat our excellence in this regard. Weaccountax has exceptional resources to make the life easy of our clients who are facing issues with their business office addresses due to confidentiality concerns. Company office address registration is a compulsory requirement by Companies House in the company formation process. Also, if you are doing business in multiple countries, we can help you with having a registered physical office in the UK and can manage your mails. If you fall under any category of the mentioned needs for the company office address services, we can provide you best solutions, and with the help of our online mailing mechanism, we can ensure the delivery of your official mails on time.

Trademark Registration

Trademark is a necessary aspect of making a business recognizable in the market and even for the business formation requirements. A trademark could be a logo, sign, or a group of some words that depict the authenticity and the value of the respective business. A registered trademark is considered as the tool for increasing business awareness and building the customer’s trust in the services and products of the respective business. Weaccountax has all the efficiencies and skills to provide exclusive and unique trademarks by researching every aspect of a register-able trademark. 

Annual Accounts Services

Weaccountax can provide exceptional annual accounts services to small businesses that are lacking in having their in-house accounting facilities and are facing difficulties in preparing their financial reports in accordance with the requirements set by the respective authorities. It is legally essential to provide an annual financial report to Companies House, HMRC, shareholders, and other stakeholders. The accounting experts at Weaccountax are fully capable of helping your business in preparing accurate financial reports to keep them safe from heavy penalties by making accurate calculations and managing the whole year’s financial data of the respective business.

Annual Return Filling Services

Inaccurately filed annual returns or confirmation statements can cause legal complexities and even sentences like fines and penalties as it essential for every registered business to provide authentic confirmation statements on an annual basis to Companies House. The professionals at the Weaccountax Salford are exceptional in delivering perfect calculations and required details of company office address, shareholders, officers, financial position in the market, and any sort of recent changes in the company. Our experts ensure that our clients could meet the deadlines and instructions set by the respective authority. 

Taxation Services in Salford

In the Salford, there might be a large number of the taxation service providers, but no one can meet our standards of service quality as our expertise in the following taxation features allow us to provide the best possible services for our valuable clients. 

VAT Return

To claim maximum VAT and pay less, hiring Weaccountax could be the right choice for small businesses. It is legitimately required by every VAT registered business to file the return on a quarterly basis that must include the details like the owed amount of VAT, reliefs, claimed VAT, exemptions, total sales, and purchases, etc. The taxation experts at Weaccountax are incomparable in preparing the VAT returns for our client businesses accurately by perfect calculations and identifying maximum relief points to enable them to claim maximum instead of paying additional VAT or interests due to lates or inaccurate submissions.

VAT Registration Services

A business with an annual turnover of £85000 or above is lawfully required to be registered for VAT to claim input and output VAT on its sales and purchases. The VAT registration contains a complex procedure that might cause difficulties for small businesses while completing the registration application. Weaccountax is there to assist such businesses with its outstanding and highly experienced VAT registration agents and solicitors. Our solicitors not only guide our clients in the right direction but also help them in preparing the required documents and filing the accurate details in the registration applications to avoid objection due to inaccuracies.

Income Tax Returns

There are certain complexities in the self-assessment tax system, which may cause confusion and ambiguities that will lead toward filing inaccurate returns. The taxation solicitors from Weaccountax are experts in making the income tax return filing easy and exclusive for self-employed individuals and business partners to avoid any sort of legal complexities due to inaccuracies or failing to meet the deadlines by the HMRC. Our experts will ensure that calculations like total income, reliefs, deductions, exemptions, and tax liabilities are made accurately within the HMRC’s instructions and guidelines.

Capital Gain Tax Return

With the modifications and amendments in the taxation laws regarding capital gains, there are certain complexities and ambiguities that can make the process ineffective and can cause heavy penalties due to inaccuracies and miscalculations. Our taxation solicitors can help such businesses and individuals that require consultancy and planning services to make their sale activities of the taxable possession cost-effective to pay less CGT to HMRC within limits set by the authority. They can help you exclusively in identifying the potential claims and reliefs that can result in a reduction in the CGT payable. Our solicitors will also assist you in preparing your CGT returns with accurate calculations and within the deadlines to avoid you from forfeits.

Inheritance Tax Return

Weaccountax Salford holds the expertise and skills to provide authentic services regarding preparing inheritance tax returns and provide proper plans to help individuals to identify the potential possible legal ways with lesser tax rate by claiming maximum reliefs and exemptions. If you want to transfer his properties and cash as an inheritance to your beloved ones, we can help you to plan your transfer activity and identify the maximum claims and exemptions that will help you to avoid paying massive amounts of IHT to HMRC unnecessarily.

PAYROLL Services in Salford

Businesses facing troubles with their payroll functions can hire Weaccountax’s following payroll services to deals with their problems efficiently.

PAYE Registration Services

Being a business, you are required to be registered with HMRC for PAYE as an employer, even if you are going to hire a single employee. If you are facing troubles with PAYE registration and its complexities, the experts at Weaccountax can help you in every aspect of your PAYE registration affairs. Hire us to make your life easy and get our outstanding services to deal with such complex issues that are compulsory to fulfill legally.

Payroll Services

Facing issues with your existing payroll management system or wants to develop a new one, Weaccountax is there to help you in every possible way. Our online payroll management system is there to tackle all the requirements, like generating salary slips, invoices, and other payroll-related tasks. So, be smart and chose smart solutions for your payroll management affairs. 

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