Register your Company Before Investing

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Register your Company Before Investing

Have you ever given it a second thought what is registration and why is it so important to make things or even yourself get registered with concerned authorities? Why a newborn baby has to go through a number of registration processes again and again till the old age? Why is it important to register everything? Whether Good or bad? what does registration give us?  One answer to every question related to registration is Safety. Yes, you read that right. You travel places where safety comes first. Your every single move in life eventually roams around safety.

As soon as you plan about Company Formation in London you must seek help from a certified, qualified, and seasoned and a learned Business Consultant in UK. It is very much important to realize that registration with concerned authorities will definitely safeguard your business and financial interests.

Before you invest in any type of company you decide to establish, whether it is a sole proprietorship or a private limited organization, your registration will protect you from all sorts of possible frauds and lacunas. Your company is not known by the owner’s name unless you reach a point where you become a brand or icon yourself and even that your company can make it happen for you. Getting your company registered gives it an identity and respect in the eyes of the authorities. It will not just secure your capital but you will have more grip on legal rights as a businessman as well. It is not just a lawful requirement but a psychological demand too.

Imagine, would you invest in a random company or buy any product or services from an unauthentic source or unregistered business concern? The answer would definitely be NO. Similarly, think the other way possible. People won’t show much interest nor will the authorities let you offer anything even under the table for a much longer period of time. Moreover, your company’s legitimacy enables you to gain honor and higher esteem in society. You may enjoy various fringe benefits the government may announce time to time. For registration purpose, you have to contact HM Revenue and customs department and go fulfill numerous requirements as prescribed by the company’s house along with form IN01 along with the following. 

Proposed Company Name, Nature of business & Services, Physical Office Address of the company, No. of directors and their details, No. of shareholders and their details, Share Capital Information, Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association, Detail of office bearers and their duties, Website address ETC.

We just had a word earlier that you should pursue help from a Business consultant in UK. A business consultant is a person who will design a business plan in accordance with your budget and area of concentration. Only an expert gives an expert opinion. A business consultant is very well aware of the market trends and culture of the area you are planning to embark your new business in. For instance, you may find buying and selling expensive motorbikes and cars quite lucrative but the cultural preference is using public transport and so on. A professional Business Consultant in UK will not just help you in Company formation nevertheless he will surely act as a key player to your short-term and long-term goal attainments as well.

So, to be on the safest side, get handsome share of work from the market, be secure by all means, remain covered by the law, be in good books of the government, get benefits from financial institutions, and what not, you must register your company before investing.

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