Nonprofit organization refers to an organization which is come into existence for the aim which is something other than making of profits. This type of organization is often devoted to promote a particular social cause or sponsoring for a particular point of view. Nonprofit organizations struggle to make our communities more habitable places. Unlike for-profit making organizations which exist to produce profits for their proprietors, nonprofit organizations tend to chase goals that address the needs of society.

Examples of non-profit organizations

Charitable organizations includes such as Hospitals, health care clinics, animal right organizations, Human rights groups, orphan care institutes, charitable schools & colleges etc

Difference in profit making & nonprofit making organization:

A nonprofit organization uses its surplus funds to further promote its objectives or mission, rather than distributing its surplus to the shareholders or partners of the organization as profits or dividends like profit making organizations. The decision behind adopting a nonprofit legal structure is often taxation implications, particularly to seek income tax exemptions.

Challenges for Such Organizations

This type of organization has to face challenges in terms of utilization of available funds & achieving core objectives within time constraints. Organization has to ensure that major portion of funds tend to be devoted towards advancing their external social cause and objectives rather than to supporting heavy administrative burden. Getting core objectives in presence of low administrative funds can be a real challenge—and doing so within available low budget, almost impossible.The managers and administrators of nonprofit organization are accountable for the financial activities of the organization to community, benefactors, governing boards, and often their sponsors & donors. Further grant applications or other funding a must express your organization’s good repute, progress towards goals, sound management and effective utilization of resources.

Contribution of WeAccountax

Imagine a reputed accountancy firm that experts in bookkeeping, accounting & taxation services will help you assure your cash flow management & financial reporting requirements for governing boards. By having excellent quality accounting processes and records, governing boards, donors and social contacts involved can gain assurance in your financial & management security.

WeAccountax has a reputed history of serving excellence to nonprofit enterprises and Charities. Our professional accountants are considered as accounting and tax advisory experts serving this respectable sector in United Kingdom. Since our firm’s foundation, WeAccountax has devoted its extensive resources in training a team of professionals in this specialty area of practice.

Maintaining tax exempt status for the organization is a key concern for nonprofit organization. Our team expert in preparing Forms 990 and other required reports for tax authorities as well as for legal authorities. We also prepare recommendations to improve internal control systems, record keeping procedures and help with budget preparation and analysis.
WeAccountax provides nonprofit outsourcing accountancy & tax services of a quality matchless by our competitors. In addition to our excellent quality services, we are committed to provide these services at substantially lower prices than our rivals. Our discount is due to the nonprofit organization’s positive contributions towards shaping the society on feminine qualities like mercy, compassion, humanity, fairness and equality to make the world better.

Outsourced Nonprofit Accounting Services

Significant reasons to outsource your Accounting Services:

Cost savings

It’s better to use outsourced experienced professionals on small monthly/annually fee rather than hiring inexpert staff on high monthly salaries and NIC costs.

International Financial Reporting Standards: Readily available resources and technical information in case of emerging accounting requirements.

Expertise: Access to a knowledgeable Expert Accountants specializing in nonprofit accounting.

Core Objectives: Focusing on core objectives through use of full-time staff on your mission, rather than your accounts & finances.

Easy access to funds: Particularly due to confidence of donors on financial reporting & controls.

Comfort of Board of Director: By knowing that experienced Our Accountants are involved in financial oversight.

Credibility of financial reports: Better decision making process due to creation of more trustworthy and precise financial reports.