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Weaccountax is serving a large number of businesses of different kinds in Manchester for an extensive time period of 30 years. We have a wide team of charted accountants, tax experts, business formation experts, and payroll management specialists, who make it easy for us to deal with every sort of accounting and taxations issues of our clients under the local and national laws and regulations. We have formed associations with several other bookkeeping services so that we can help our clients in the best possible way and at minimum possible charges.

Accounting services in Manchester

Weaccountax is providing the below accounting services to a variety of businesses in Manchester.

Company Formation 

Starting a new business could be an exciting thing for entrepreneurs, but for the first-timers and especially for those who are unaware of the process of company formation, it is quite a difficult task. The company formation process contains many steps, which might be the reason for confusion and complexities for such people. If you are one of them, it is essential for you to get advice from the company formation specialists like Weaccountax for making the process smooth and obstruction-less. Our business development experts are fully aware of the ways to deal with the process to help our clients to focus on the productive aspects of their businesses only.

Company Address Services

In the company formation procedure, the registration of the company address is an important requirement by the Companies House for the official and legal communications and business dealings. Companies House also allows businesses to keep their business addresses confidential, specifically those who are running their business activities from their houses. In this regard, we are helping such business by providing virtual office services to keep their businesses private and deliver them their official and business-related mails through our online mailing system. MNCs which are basing Manchester are specifically using our services to run their businesses outside of the countries without having any formal office.

Trademark Registration

Weaccountax Manchester is a known accounting agency for providing high-end trademark registration services to its clients. Under the company formation laws and regulations, it is compulsory for every business to get its name and trademark registered with Companies House. Also, unique and business-oriented trademarks are considered as a tool to make any business a brand as it conveys the message about the authenticity of the products of the respective business. We provide services not only for the registration process but also in designing them, which depicts the value and ethics of your businesses and attracts customers.

Annual Accounts Services

According to local and national business laws, every registered business is bound to submit a financial report on an annual basis to HMRC, Companies House, Shareholders, and other interested groups. It must contain the annual financial performance and activities on the basis of the director’s report, accountant’s report, business’s financial position, profit and loss ratio, the worth of shares in the market, and notes for accounts. In this regard, Weaccountax is delivering its high-end annual accounts services in the market effectively. Our accounting professionals not only prepare the report within the deadlines but also take care of errors and inaccuracies to avoid them from heavy fines and surcharges by the related authorities.

Annual Return Filling Services

Annually submission of the confirmation statement or annual return that contains the general information of directors and secretaries, registered business address, shareholders and share capital to Companies House is compulsory to run a business in the Manchester. The preparation of the return is a time-consuming task, and hiring an accounting service provider like Weaccountax could be the wise decision to save your time and stay focused on the business. We provide annual return filing services efficiently with minimum charges. Our consultants ensure the timely preparation and submission of the annual return to avoid client businesses from penalties or any kind of legal interruptions.

Taxation Services in Manchester

In Manchester, we are providing the following taxations services for businesses to make it easy for them to manage their tax matters and enable them to stay focused on their commercial activities.

VAT Return

Every registered business that is claiming VAT on its purchases and sales is required to submit a return on a quarterly basis to HMRC that contains the particulars like the amount of VAT a business owes to HMRC, claimed amount of VAT, total sales and purchases, deductions, and any kind of exemptions. Late submissions may cause heavy surcharges or penalties. The preparation of the VAT return and making calculations for the required details is a bit time taking a task, which may cause loss of attention from the business matters. In this regard, hiring a taxation consultancy like Weaccountax could be the right choice to manage your taxation matters efficiently. Our tax consultants are up to the mark to prepare your VAT returns within the deadlines and regulations set by HMRC.

VAT Registration Services

Every registered business in Manchester, which has an annual turnover above the threshold or expected to be over the threshold, it is essential for you to get it registered for VAT with HMRC. It is also compulsory to claim VAT on your commercial purchases and sales. The registration process might be complex for the new businesses, as it is quite complicated to file an application under the HMRC rules. Weaccountax can provide consultancy services in this regard to make the process easy and smooth for client businesses as late registration or submission of inaccurate details can cause heavy penalties and surcharges. Our taxation experts are exceptional in dealing with the VAT registration process and helping our clients to focus on the development of their business instead of worrying about the legal requirements and penalties.

Income Tax Returns

Every individual that is the part of any business or self-employed is bound to pay income tax specified by the HMRC. The income tax return document contains the details of total income, expenses, deductions, tax liabilities, and claimable refunds, which is necessary to file before the start of every tax year. Weaccountax in Manchester can help you in managing your income tax returns effectively so that you can pay attention to the development of your business efficiently. Our experts are fully capable of preparing and filing your income tax returns within the deadlines and complying with HMRC’s regulations.

Capital Gain Tax Return

On the sale of any chargeable asset or property, CGT applies to the realized profit, and the owners of the sold asset are bound to pay the payable amount of tax after the calculations and deductions of any exemptions or reliefs by the HMRC. If you are the one who is planning to sell any chargeable possession, it is essential to plan and identify the exemptions to minimize the CGT payable on the time of sale. In this regard, Weaccountax can help you in the best possible way to reduce the tax payables by identifying the potential deductions and exemptions to claim reliefs from HMRC. Our taxation calculation system can provide you an ease to estimate the right amount of the CGT and enable you to file the return on time.

Inheritance Tax Return

Every individual residing in the UK’s premises is required to file the inheritance tax return to HMRC on the transfer of any kind of chargeable assets and properties in both cases of a lifetime or on death transfer. Even one, who has properties out of the country but is the UK domiciled, is also required to pay tax with a certain tax rate in accordance with property’s nature and value. In order to pay the right amount of taxes on the property transfers, it is essential to consider all the deductions and exemptions that can help in reducing IHT payable. In this regard, Weaccountax can help you in the best possible ways to transfer maximum and pay the minimum.

PAYROLL Services in Manchester

Weaccountax Manchester is providing following payroll services to local businesses and helping them to accommodate their legal needs effectively.

PAYE Registration Services

Under regulations for running businesses and companies, it is compulsory for the businesses to be registered as employers with HMRC for PAYE even if they contain only one worker. They are bound to provide the employee’s details, including their personal information like date of birth, national insurance number, date of joining, and gender as well as details about salaries and deductible taxes and allowances. In Manchester, Weaccountax is providing outstanding services in this regard to make it easy for businesses to manage their payroll system and all the legal requirements by HMRC or any other related authority.

Payroll Services

Payroll management is considered as a time-consuming task that restricts businesses to focus on the other important developmental aspects. On the other hand, it is legally required to have a payroll management system for making direct tax and national insurance cuts from the employee’s wages under the regulations of the HMRC. In this regard, the best way to deal with Payroll management is to hire a professional payroll management and accounting company like weaccountax. Our online payroll management system can help you in saving your time and dealing with all employees’ related tasks and filing the return to HMRC on time.

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