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In Leicester, for the businesses that are facing issues and problems with their accounting, taxation, or payroll management, Weaccountax is a perfect platform to deal with such issues. We have a team of professionals that are known in the market due to their expertise. Those are the skills and efficiencies of our professionals who set Weaccountax apart from the rest of the accounting service providers and make us up to the mark to deal with all kinds of businesses in Leicester and its surroundings. If you are the one who is facing issues with accounting, taxation, or payroll, you are at the right place to get the best possible services at minimum reasonable charges.

Accounting services in Leicester

In Leicester, the businesses that are facing accounting related issues can hire our experts for the following services to tackle their problems efficiently.

Company Formation

Company formation procedure holds multiple steps and complexities that make it difficult for the people who are unaware of starting a business in the UK and specifically in Leicester. But when Weaccountax is there to help such people, they do not have to worry about the complexities of the process. The major problem that one can face in company formation procedure can be the preparation of the documents like memorandum of association, articles of association, statement of capital holding, and certificate of incorporation or other related documents. Our business consultants are efficient enough to make the entire process easy and provide the right guidelines to avoid any sort of legal complications due to missing any document or filling inappropriate applications.

Company Address Services

Weaccountax in Leicester has all the expertise and efficiencies to tackle all kinds of issues regarding company addresses. It is necessary for every business to have a physical and operational address not only for the business registration purposes but also for every kind of official and commercial mails. Under the Companies House regulations, a business can keep its address confidential by hiring any company address providing agents, and in this regard, Weaccountax is the perfect service provider. We not only offer authentic company addresses in Leicester but also offer services related to the management of your mails and avoid you from receiving unsolicited ones.

Trademark Registration

Trademark is a sign, logo, or a group of words that provide an identity to products of any brand or business. Apart from the legal requirements by Companies House, having a registered trademark is also compulsory for making a name in the market with a unique identity. Weaccountax is there in Leicester to help businesses for making it easy for them to get their trademarks registered and get their products and services recognized in the market with our designed trademarks that are exclusive in attracting customers and conveying a strong message about the credibility and authenticity of the respective business. 

Annual Accounts Services

If you are running a business in Leicester that is registered with Companies House and HMRC, you are bound to submit a report about all financial activities and performance of your business for the preceding year on an annual basis, HMCR, Companies House, and other people of interest. Your annual financial report must contain the analysis of profit loss, total sales, and purchases, taxes paid and claimed reliefs, director’s report, accountant’s report, and the guidelines for the future business development plans of your company. Late submission or providing inaccurate details can cause issues and legal consequences. In order to avoid such complications, Weaccountax could be the right choice to deal with the preparation of the report accurately and within the deadlines, as our accountants are exceptional to tackle all the issues that might arise in the development and data collection.

Annual Return Filling Services

Weaccountax is fully capable of dealing with the preparation of your annual return or confirmation statement, which is necessarily required to be submitted to Companies House. Failing to submit the return on time or submission of an errorful file can cause heavy penalties and surcharges by the respective authorities. A confirmation statement holds the general information about the top officials, shareholders, company address, and the capital shares. Weaccountax is there to provide ease to your business in making the right calculations and providing the required details efficiently. Our professionals allow our clients to stay focused on their business development plans instead of sticking to these matters and wasting precious time. 

Taxation Services in Leicester

At the platform of Weaccountax Leicester, all kinds of businesses can get the following taxation services to tackle their taxation issues.

VAT Return

Along with paying the taxes to the city council of Leicester, every VAT registered a business is required to pay VAT and submit a return to HMRC every quarter. A VAT return included the particulars like the claimed amount of VAT, reliefs, deductions, exemptions, total sales and purchase for the respective time period, and the total amount of VAT that a business owes to HMRC. For making the preparation of VAT return easy for businesses that are facing hefty surcharges and penalties due to late submissions or providing inaccurate details, Weaccountax is there with highly qualified and well-experienced taxation experts. Our professionals are up to the mark to help you in submitting your returns accurately and within the deadlines.

VAT Registration Services

Weaccountax has all the expertise and efficiencies to make the VAT registration process easy for client businesses that have the annual turnover of £85000 or more, to prevent them from heavy surcharges and other legal complications in case of failing to get registered within the 30 days of realization of crossing the threshold. Our professionals guide our clients in every possible way to provide the required information for the registration application to HMRC in the perfect way. We also make sure that your business is registered within the specified time to avoid any sort of legal action that HMRC can take against it.

Income Tax Returns

Under the taxation laws of the UK, if you have the domicile of Leicester or any part of the country, you are bound to pay self-assessment tax, or income tax either your self-employed or are in partnership with someone. The income tax return should contain the details of your total income, tax liabilities, refunds, exemptions, deductions, claimed reliefs, and tax payable. The right calculation of all these segments of the ITR makes it essential to hire any taxation advisory company like Weaccountax. Weaccountax is capable of providing taxation experts that can help you in identifying maximum exemptions and deductions that you can claim to pay minimum income tax and save more.

Capital Gain Tax Return

CGT or capital gain tax always applies to the realized profits from the sale activity of any chargeable possession or non-inventory items. If you are planning to sell any ownership, you should have the advice from any professional taxation and accounting firm like Weaccountax Leicester. That can help you in identifying the potential ways that can help you in planning the sale activity accordingly to pay less and save maximum. Our professionals are proficient enough to help you in identifying the legal exemptions and deductions that you can claim in your CGT return and pay a small amount of CGT within the HMRC laws.

Inheritance Tax Return

Whether you have a property in the UK or any part of the world, if you are the UK domiciled, you are bound to pay tax on its transfer to the next generation. There is no exception of lifetime transfer or on death transfer. Every beneficiary is eligible to file an ITH return in favor of HMCR, and pay tax according to the income tax rate of the donor. Without prior planning and consultation with accounting and taxation consultants like Weaccountax, it could result in paying a large amount of money and transfer less to the next generation. By hiring our consultants, you can claim maximum immunities and exemptions or adopt the legal ways to transfer in less costly ways to pay less IHT to HMRC.

PAYROLL Services in Leicester

Weaccountax is providing the following payroll facilities to all sorts of businesses in Leicester and helping them to stay focused on their business goals without worrying about these aspects of a business.

PAYE Registration Services

It is compulsory for every business to be registered as an employer with HMRC in order to make direct deductions like income tax and national insurance from their salaries. The registration of employees for PAYE is essential for developing an effective payroll management system to deal with tax-related issues of their employees and file the returns timely in accordance with regulations of the HMRC. In this regard, weaccountax is playing a pivotal role in providing ease to businesses that are facing issues in the registration process. Our experts are fully efficient in making the entire process easy and allow you to pay attention to other business aspects.

Payroll Services

Weaccountax is proving top-quality payroll services and making it easy for a large number of businesses that are inefficient to manage their payroll system. Our online payroll management system is approved by the HMRC and is efficient enough to provide ease to businesses in generating their payslips, invoices, deductions, and return filing activities. Our such expertise sets us apart from the rest of the service providers in Leicester.

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