How to Get Registered Office Address for a Foreign Company in UK

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How to Get Registered Office Address for a Foreign Company in UK

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When setting up a new business, it is important to have a registered office address. In fact, it is a requirement in many countries to have a registered office address while registering your company. Business address refers to the place where your company’s day-to-day activities are carried out.

On the other hand, a registered office address refers is to the official address through which legal correspondences by the government and other parties are delivered.

Ideally, your company’s seal, statutory documents, and register are held in a registered office address. If you choose to keep them elsewhere, you will have to notify Companies House.

If you are registering a new business in the UK, Section 86 of the Companies Act 2006 makes it mandatory to have a registered office address. This is where communications, reminders, and notices from Companies House, HMRC, and other agencies will be channeled.

The general assumption is that your company will receive any official correspondence sent to the registered office address. In fact, it is your responsibility to as company owners to ensure that you receive the documents.

You can always get a registered office address form online service providers. However, it is advisable to work with business experts in the UK, such as weaccountax.

Many entrepreneurs prefer registered office address London. This is because it enables a company to position itself in England’s capital. Regardless of whether you are considering quarterly or annual subscriptions, the address should be acceptable to both HMRC and Companies House.

In addition to meeting legal requirements, a registered office address makes your company look bigger than it actually is. This helps in creating a good impression on clients.

A registered office address also helps you to keep your business and personal matters separate. If you are opting for a virtual registered office address, you have to do your homework well. Consider comparing packages form a number of service providers before settling on one. A local business expert will be of great help.

benefits of registering

Benefits of Registering Your Business as an LLC

If you are starting a new company, locally or overseas, you should have it registered. While it was costly and tedious to register a venture in the past, registering a new company in the UK has become cheaper, simpler, and quicker.

As a startup owner, you have various forms of business to choose from, including a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability Company, and corporation. An LLC blends unique features of sole trader, partnerships, and corporations. Are you wondering how? Here are the benefits of registering your business as an LLC:

Limited personal liability- a sole proprietor or owners of a partnership are legally responsible for business debts and losses. You are personally responsible for business actions hence putting personal assets at risk, including your home and car. On the contrary, an LLC protects your personal assets and finances.

Tax advantage- An LLC does not pay taxes on its own. Like a sole trader, the owner of an LLC pays tax through personal income tax return. Furthermore, you are also entitled to a number of tax deductions, including, repairs and maintenance, advertising, and training.

Enhanced business reputation- Unlike sole proprietorships, limited companies have higher chances of attracting investors, engaging in B2B agreements, and building customer trust.

At WeAccountax, we have helped many startups register as limited companies in the UK. Our experienced business experts will help you to achieve 100 percent online registration process. Are you to register your business? Contact our cheap accountants in Bristol and Birmingham to initiate the process. In addition to business registration, we also offer online accounting, payroll, and business consulting services.

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