How to find an accountant to manage your tax return

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How to find an accountant to manage your tax return


Many people find managing tax returns challenging and time-consuming. The good news is that you can assign the task to a professional to deal with all your tax filing needs. Assigning the tax has the advantage that it leaves you enough time to focus on other responsibilities and at the same time prevents you from getting into trouble with the HMRC. While the idea sounds easy and awesome, the toughest question that you may be asking yourself is how to find an accountant to manage your tax return.

 A quick Google search can give you a list of tax consultancy firms that you should try. This leaves you with the need to know what to look for when hiring a professional to help you with the tax return. The following tips will make the entire process easy and efficient.


Have a clear reason why you need a tax return manager

Before you hire an expert, take time to analyze why you may need his services. Some common reasons that may prompt you to find an accountant to manage your tax returns include;

  • You have other responsibilities that take up all your time
  • You want your tax returns filed accurately
  • You have a complex tax issue that requires a professional accountant to provide you with tips
  • You are looking for professional and detailed tax returns advice on a long-term basis
  • You run a business and the entire tax filing process is hard for you to handle

Find a professional tax return accountant

After you have come to the conclusion that only an accountant can help with your tax returns, it is time to dive into the market and find the best. There are different methods you can use to ensure you hire the most efficient and reliable tax return professional.

  • Referrals– asking from friends, relatives, and other business owners is your best bet for getting the most competent accountant. Asking recommendations from someone who has had tax issues can be very helpful since the person will recommend an accountant depending on the experience he had. Sharing your tax return needs with a friend will help him point you in the right direction.
  • Look at the accountant service delivery policies– the service delivery policies of the accountant can tell you whether the professional will deliver or not. Watch out for anyone promising you huge refunds or promising they can deduct almost everything in your returns.
  • Confirm the expertise level– many accounting firms have experience in handling individual and small business tax returns. Before hiring, ensure that the firm has the expertise needed to handle your case. You can confirm this by asking the company to provide you with references.
Understand the type of tax return professional you need

Understand the type of tax return professional you need

There are different types of tax accountants and the only way to choose the best is by determining which kind you need. You can choose among;

  • Auditing accountants– these are the best if you have a complex tax issue. They can represent before the HMRC in case you have an issue with collections or auditing
  • Tax attorney– these are lawyers who specialize in tax laws. These professional are very effective when you are faced with complex legal matters.
  • CPA accountants– these are the best if you don’t have complex tax return issues



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