Natural resources are those resources which come into existence by nature, without the contribution of human efforts. This includes resources on earth, such as atmosphere, sunlight, water and land (includes all minerals) along with animal life. These resources are commonly divided into two main categories “renewable and non renewable resources”.

Level of accessibility of non-renewable and renewable resources has great impact on the economy, and its exploitation has also has great impacts on improvement in living standards.


The major challenges the business face are sustainability, regulatory barriers, public & media criticism, environmental impacts, heavy investment, labour incentives and retention of key staff. So the businesses require short term as well as long term plans to minimise its footprints on the environment along with complying all relevant regulations.


For nearly three decades working closely with multiple energy and natural resources businesses, we come to know the significance of tax planning and high quality financial reporting for the businesses working in the sector.

WeAccountax has well managed portfolio of clients working in energy and natural resources sector, including mining and metals and renewable and oil and gas exploration and production.

Designated Team

WeAccountax has devoted team dealing in energy and natural resources sector, having expertise to help you develop and grow your business, as well as assisting in tax issues and complying with applicable regulations.

By having work with vast portfolio of clients in energy and natural resource sector, our team got in-depth knowledge of challenges and obstacles of the sector as well as best practices and available solutions.

Our diverse exposure can help in stability and growth of your business and can provide best practical solutions across a range of areas including: changes to regulation, reporting requirements, tax and compliance standards.

What do we offer?

We provide full range of accountancy services at competitive prices, including financial reporting, monthly bookkeeping or Xero support and taxation services, tailored to meet your unique requirements.

Some of the precise services we provide to our energy and natural resources clients include:

  • Back-office accounting (day-to-day accounting services)
  • Year end accounts
  • Value added tax returns
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax strategy and planning reviews
  • Xero implementation and support
  • Management accounts
  • Annual return submission
  • Tax efficient means of retaining and rewarding key staff and directors
  • Income tax preparation and other tax compliance and consulting services
  • Vat and payroll registration services
  • Company formation
  • Advising on dividends and minimum wages
  • Assisting in HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) investigations & inquiries
  • Trade mark registration service
  • Assistance with regulatory compliance effecting the industry