Company Address Services

Globalization of business has become one of the norms of the 21st century. Businesses from all across the globe are seeking the opportunity to expand into other countries and capture the untapped markets.

Normally best-suited market to expand into from 3rd world countries and Asian countries is the western market.

Expanding into another country requires a lot of financial and human resources.

Ever since the technology has hit new horizon of a modern era, virtual offices have become a new trend to move into a new market while operating from your home country.

A company address services have emerged to fill the evolving need of businesses planning to expand into other countries without investing a lot of resources for the construction of their physical offices.

Following are the benefits of Company address services:

    • Company address services can provide you an address which would be impossible to have because of startups financial limitation and hiked prices of property in United Kingdom.
    • It impacts positively towards customers if they are aware that company has an office in their home country. It boasts their trust and ensures their accessibility to the management if required.
    • In the case of company formation in the United Kingdom, registered office is mandatory. I.e. Company address services can aid in company formation as well.
    • It helps maintain a healthy relationship with suppliers. Suppliers tend to mistrust a business in terms of credit and supplies if their registered office is abroad.
  • It is more trustworthy in terms of receiving emails rather than being important emails sent to board and lost in the way. Since Aboard emails are normally passed on to 2 3 companies. The chance of losing the email all together is really high and can cause a serious problem for the businessman abroad.
  • Tax regulatory authorities are less likely to suspect and raise an investigation because UK registered offices seem less suspicious. Even though our clients are running their business in the best faith. Investigations can always disturb the peace of mind of our highly regarded clients.

The kind of company address services offered normally:

It involves having an entirely virtual office capable of being presented on invoices, emails and even with regulatory authorities as a registered office along with mail forwarding services which involve forwarding actual emails or scanned emails to the head office.

WeAccountax, with our contacts in all sorts of industries, can provide you with consultancy services regarding the business address. It is probably ideal for small business or startup which is looking for a reasonable priced presentable business address in UK which matches with the nature of business activity business holds.

Our team of expert accountants in financial and legal aspect can make sure UK registered address provided to the abroad business entity or startup is not dragged into a problem because of legal complications which can arise due to legalities of company law and tax law of United Kingdom.

Other services with company address

Our other services such as company formation services, tax consultancy services can serve as a great auxiliary along with business address services.

We can register a limited liability company and provide tax consultancy as in corporate tax filing for the organization and income tax return.

The business holder which may or may not be liable to pay income, for the capital gain tax because of having a business entity running in the domain of HMRC i.e. the United Kingdom.