Business plan consultant

Business Plan Consultant as evident from its name is a formal written plan which exhibits business strategy for the years coming onwards.

It consist of 8 distinct aspects of business strategy

  • Basic business ideology
  • Business strategy forward
  • Products or Services offered (whichever applicable)
  • Definition of business competitive advantage
  • Target market
  • Business team
  • Financial plan
  • Marketing plan

Basic Business Ideology:

It exhibits the core idea of the business, i.e. the main business activity.

Business strategy:

It exhibits the strategy business is likely to adopt in order to meet its business objectives.

Products and services offered:

This explains the products and services business is likely to offer when the business gets started

Business competitive advantage:

This portion explains competitive advantages business is likely to have against its already present competitors and the competitors which are likely to enter following this business.

Target market:

The target market for the products and services are determined by understanding the market needs of a certain product or services and how our organization is likely to fulfill those demands.

Business team:

It involves details of key employee capabilities which will be required to make this business grow, evolve and improve.

Financial Plan:

It involves a plan for the business financing immediate, medium term and long term. It also involves financial projections exhibiting how profitable this business will be.

Marketing Plan:

It consists of details of complete marketing mix 7 P’s regarding all the products and services.

  • Product: Product or services offered.
  • Placement: it involves logistics and placement of the product throughout the target market
  • Price: it involves pricing strategy for each of the product and services offered
  • Promotion: It consists of promotional strategies regarding the product. Advertisement, promotions etc.
  • People: Strategy and culture regarding the front sale line people is defined under this aspect
  • Packaging: it defines the appearance of the product or service towards the customers
  • Positioning: it requires the company to evaluate its position in the eyes of the customer. Does it clearly align with the business marketing objectives?

Uses of the business plan:

  • Business plans can be used convey business objectives to the higher managers. Management without business objectives is visionless and it can never yield any positive results.
  • Business plan consultants help provide vivid market analysis helpful in drafting tactical strategies for further business development.
  • A business plan is a detail business strategy, it helps the clients to think through and overcome all the hindrance which blocks their success.
  • Business plan aligns all the strategy and make the entire organization work as one unit in achieving one objective.
  • A business plan can be used for controlling and benchmarking purposes as well, after the business plan has been implemented, variances can be determined and minimized by comparing the actual results with the plan.
  • Business plan consultant will deliver a clear message across the organization, clearly delegating the task to the relevant department heads ensuring clear communication.
  • Large deviation from business plan can be an early alarm and business owners can make corrective actions to make their business a success again.
  • Business plans can be used to pitch an idea and gain financing from various investors, business angels, and venture capitalist.

WeAccountax Role

WeAccountax excels in understanding our clients’ need and then drafting a business plan consultant which represents actual business owner in its truest form and attractive for external investments. Our experts have significant expertise when it comes to market analysis, financial analysis, and competitive analysis, which are the foundation of any business plan.

Our experts have significant expertise when it comes to market analysis, financial analysis, and competitive analysis, which are the foundation of any business plan.

Appointing WeAccountax for drafting your business plan will save time, provide value and help you transform your business dreams into reality.