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Brighton is a resourceful city where you can find a large number of accounting service providers, but Weaccountax is one of the authentic and cost-effective accounting firms that is serving a variety of businesses since 30 years with its professional team of taxation, accounting and payroll experts who are well experienced as well as fully equipped with the latest accounting tools and technologies. We hold a 100% customer satisfaction level that is a symbol of our commitment and stewardship towards our clients. We always try to help our clients in the best possible ways to make their life easy and smooth by providing them every possible ease and comfortably with standards of our service quality.

Accounting services in Brighton

If you are going to start any business or are facing accounting issues with the existing one, we can help you in the following ways.

Company Formation  

Setting up a new business or limited company is not much easy, specifically for those who do not know where to start and how to proceed. In the UK’s company formation regulations and procedure, there are many complexities that can produce difficulties for such businesses. If you are going to start a business in Brighton and are facing issues with formation process, Weaccountax is there to make the entire procedure easy and understandable with the help of our highly qualified accountants and company formation agents who are fully equipped with tool and tactics to manage all the legal requirements and complete the process through a procedural approach. We also prepare business registration documents like memorandum of association, articles of association, statement of capital holding, and certificate of incorporation on our client’s behalf.

Company Address Services

Weaccountax is a known name in the company office address service providers in Brighton as well as in the entire UK. If you are facing issues with the confidentiality aspect that is the major potential problem of every house oriented business, we are up to the mark to provide you high-end company address services at minimum possible charges. We not only manage to provide unique and operational business addresses and virtual offices to our clients but also manage their mails with the help of our online mailing system, which can allow you to receive every solicited mail and also to fulfill the legal requirement by the Companies House.

Trademark Registration

Weaccountax Brighton is providing exclusive services regarding the trademark designing and registration with Companies House. Our trademark designing professionals are fully equipped with modern tools and techniques to provide you outstanding and business-oriented trademark logos and symbols that can help you in attracting a massive number of customers and build their trust in your services and products. Our registration agents make it easy for our clients to fulfill the legal requirement of a registered trademark to avoid any sort of legal complications and penalties.

Annual Accounts Services

If you are facing issues with managing your accounts and preparing your annual financial reports that are essentially required to be submitted to HMRC, Companies House, and shareholders exclusively or if you are a small business with having no in-house accounting facilities. Weaccountax Brighton is the right place to get your financial report prepared, and your accounts managed at highly cheap rates. Our professionals are efficient enough to tackle all sorts of issues and complications in the calculations and data collection for the whole year to provide accurate figures and advice to our clients. We not only deliver high-end services in this regard but also help our clients to stay updated and meet the deadlines by the respective authorities or stakeholders.

Annual Return Filling Services

It is essential for every business in Brighton to submit an annual return that includes the general information of top-ranked officers, capital shares, shareholders, and company address in favor of Companies House in accordance with the UK’s business laws. Weaccountax has all the expertise to manage all data collection and calculation matters with the help of our experienced accountants. Our professionals are capable enough to deliver annual return filling services efficiently and to avoid client businesses from striking off in the case of extreme lates or inaccuracies in the confirmation statements.

Taxation Services in Brighton

If you are facing issues or difficulties in managing your taxation matters and are looking for high-end accounting and taxation services in Brighton, Weaccountax is there to assist you through the following services.

VAT Return

Filing a VAT return on a quarterly basis is quite a difficult task for many businesses as it requires a massive amount of time and dedication in the busy business life. It is legally essential for every VAT registered business according to HMRC’s taxation regulations. In this regard, failing to file the returns on time or providing inaccurate details can cause penalties and other legal complications. Weaccountax is serving a lot of business by helping them in the preparation of their VAT returns and identifying maximum points that they can claim for relief in VAT payables. Our professionals make sure that our clients can meet the deadlines and VAT return criteria set by the HMRC efficiently.

VAT Registration Services

Weaccountax Brighton is providing its top-notch services regarding the VAT registration of the businesses that have their annual turnover equal or above the threshold, and even they are expected to meet the threshold within 4 weeks. It is legally required by such businesses to be registered for VAT within 30 days of realization of meeting the threshold set by the HMRC. Our VAT registration experts are highly efficient in providing every possible ease to our clients by preparing all the required documents and filing the registration application and enable them to claim VAT on their purchases and sales from HMRC and customers, respectively.

Income Tax Returns

If you are the UK domiciled individual and are earning £100,000 before paying tax or have savings of more than £10,000, you are bound to pay income or self-assessment tax on your income. You are annually required to file a return to HMRC that should include the details as your total income, expenses, total tax liabilities, refunds, reliefs, and potential deductions. Weaccountax can be the right option to outsource your income tax management affairs and stay focused on your businesses and goals. Our taxation experts are remarkable in helping you by providing perfect facts and figures and identify maximum exemptions and reliefs to enable you to pay the minimum and save maximum earnings.

Capital Gain Tax Return

Capital gains tax means a tax on the realized amount of profit from the sale of any taxable possession. It is compulsory for every UK domiciled person to pay CGT and file a return under regulations implemented by the HMRC. Weaccountax not only helps its clients to prepare the returns but also identifies maximum potential exemptions and deductions to claim and help them to pay minimum capital gains tax. Our CGT experts are skilled enough to provide accurate returns and estimate the right amount of CGT payable and help clients to avoid any sort of legal complications.

Inheritance Tax Return

It is our priority to help you to avoid paying inheritance tax on your property or estate unreasonably. Weaccountax provides outstanding property transfer planning services and helps them to identify the best possible ways to transfer the inheritance by paying the least amount of IHT to HMRC. Our IHT solicitors are there to provide you the right path and plan by identifying the potential exemptions and deductions in order to allow you to transfer maximum. There are too many ways in which our solicitors can make it easy for you to file IHT returns within the regulations of the HMRC regarding the inheritance tax and related exemptions.

PAYROLL Services in Brighton

If you are dealing in any type of business in Brighton, and are facing issues with your payroll management matters, you can hire Weaccountax’s payroll experts for the following services.

PAYE Registration Services

PAYE is a taxation system implemented by the HMRC to enable businesses to make direct deductions from their employees’ salaries. So, for every business, it is essential to be registered with HMRC as an employer for PAYE in order to develop a payroll system. If you are a business and are looking for perfect registration services in the Brighton, Weaccountax can be the right choice as our PAYE registration agents are exceptional in making the registration process easy by providing every necessary document and details related to the employees of the client business to HMRC.

Payroll Services

Weaccountax has the name in the top payroll services providers in Brighton as our payroll management system, and experts are highly effective in providing desired services in every aspect. We not only help businesses to develop payroll systems but also allow them to take advantage of our approved online system too that is exceptional for performing every payroll task, including the generation of invoices, salary slips, making direct deductions, and making summaries of every employee’s performance separately. If you are looking for the right service provider to meet your payroll needs, Weaccountax could be the best option.

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