Top 10 Bookkeeping Mistakes with Weaccountax

Top 10 Bookkeeping Mistakes

When financial statements are prepared, There are number of hindrances and errors which are to be encountered in order to provide accurate bookkeeping services from weaccountax accountants. Small business transactions: Ignoring supporting documents of small business transactions is considered as one of [...]

Value of an accountant with WeAccountax

Value of An Accountant

First person, a businessman hires for his business and the last person a businessman fires during the closure of his business is probably in most cases either accountant or a bookkeeper. Bookkeeping and financial accounting are kinds of professions, [...]

Bookkeeping History with WeAccountax

Bookkeeping A Way Forward

History of Bookkeeping History of bookkeeping can be traced back to ancient times of Mesopotamia. They deployed basic systems of recording, counting and auditing their financial transaction to keep a track of their business. After thousands of years bookkeeping and [...]

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