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There are a large number of organizations in the market that provide accounting services, but all are not capable of delivering every task perfectly. Weaccountax is a well-known accounting firm in Birmingham that is providing its clients ease for dealing with all kinds of legal and accounts management tasks. We are working in the accounting field for two decades and are helping a large number of businesses in development, company formation, taxation, and accounting affairs as we have a team of accounting and legal experts that provide complete guidance to our clients to solve their issues. 

Accounting services in Birmingham

Weaccountax is providing the following accounting services in Birmingham to its clients to help them in starting businesses and growing without any legal obstructions.

Company Formation

Setting up a new business is never an easy task, specifically when you are totally uncertain about the point of starting the procedure. Weaccountax is there to help you in the company formation process from a feasibility study to taxation and accountancy services. Our professional team of accountants and company formation experts is fully capable of helping your business in every possible way to make it stand out in the market. We did never let our client’s business down as we are fully equipped to manage all the legal processes of business registration with Companies House and to give unique names to their businesses to make them catchy for their customers.

Company Address Services

The globalization is becoming the business norm in the 21st century, and every business desires to explore new markets to make maximum profits. But practically, it requires a lot of capital and human resources, and in this regard advancing technology is helping them through the virtual offices to do so, even managing it from the home country. In that case, Weaccountax in Birmingham is providing company address services to make it easy for you to expand your business without investing too much in your physical offices in other countries. By hiring us for these services, you can get registered office addresses for your business to manage all the mailing, inbound supplies, official stationery, and, most importantly, business confidentiality issues.

Trademark Registration

The trademark of a company is of key importance for making it known in the market and reserving the protection rights for services and products that the respective company offers. It might be a symbol, a group of words, and a logo that helps businesses to build a reputation in the market. There are many benefits of having a registered trademark, including trust-building, avoiding legal actions, and licensing brands in the industry. In this regard, Weaccountax Birmingham can help you by suggesting the best possible trademarks that will depict the values of your company and attract customers towards your products. Our fast procedural approach helps our clients to get their trademarks registered faster with minimum possible objections. Our experts are fully capable of resolving the objections and making the whole process easy for you at affordable fees.

Annual Accounts Services

Annual accounts can be defined as a comprehensive report of a company’s financial performance and activities throughout the previous financial year for Companies House, shareholders, and other interested groups. The submission of annual financial reports or annual accounts to Companies House is statutory for every business in the United Kingdom. An authentic report contains the director’s report, accountant’s report, profit/loss and income statement, financial position statements, and notes to the accounts, and for delivering these aspects of annual accounts, Weaccountax is a well-known platform where you can get best possible services. We provide the right financial figures and advice to our client businesses to help them in making the best decisions in favor of their businesses and to pay the right amounts of taxes.

Annual Return Filling Services

According to Companies House laws for running any business in the UK, it is compulsory to file an annual return to Companies House. An annual return is also called the confirmation statement that includes details about the company’s management, registered office address, and information about shareholders and shares capital. Companies House send reminders and alerts through mails, and in case of failing to submit a return within 14 days of the due date can cause heavy penalties up to 5000 pounds and even striking of the business in favor of the crown. Here comes the role of Weaccountax that is fully equipped with file return experts and the latest techniques of filing returns on time for our clients. We provide all the assistance for the preparation of a confirmation statement and its submission to Companies House.

Taxation Services in Birmingham

Weaccountax provides following taxation services in Birmingham to help our clients in managing their tax affairs and provide them a complete peace of mind to focus on business development.

VAT Return

A VAT return is a document one file to demonstrate the amount of he is due to pay HM Revenues and Customs, which contains the total amount of sales for the period, the amount you can reclaim, amount of VAT refund, and the amount of VAT you owe. According to the laws of HMRC, every VAT registered business is bound to make VAT return submission on a quarterly basis. In Birmingham, running a business is much difficult without filing your VAT returns on time, and inaccuracies in the return file can cause significant penalties and surcharges. In this regard, Weaccountax in Birmingham can help you in doing it on time and submitting error-free VAT returns in accordance with HMRC’s MTD scheme as we have all the latest and digital software to provide assistance in this regard at very reasonable costs.

VAT Registration Services

A business can not claim input VAT paid on its purchases and can not charge customers VAT on its supplies, too, if it is not registered for VAT with HMRC. A business with £85000 turnover or above is bound to be registered for Value Added Tax, and in case of late registration or not registering can cause legal obstructions and heavy surcharges. Specifically, due to strict laws of Birmingham city council regarding VAT registration makes it compulsory for businesses to do so. Weaccountax is a well-known accounting and business consultancy firm in Birmingham that can make all the processes easy and help you to run your business smoothly. 

Income Tax Returns

Either you are running a business or an individual earning from a job or any other source, you are bound to report all of your expenses, income, profits, deductions, source of income, and even the losses that your business faced as an income tax return. In this regard, the inclusion of tax liability and refunds is also compulsory, according to HMRC and Birmingham City Council income tax laws. Weaccountax provides its taxation affair handling services at very cheap rates and makes all the process easy for clients with the help of our professional taxation consultants. We are fully capable of preparing your income tax returns and maximizing deduction to help you in paying minimum taxes.

Capital Gain Tax Return

Capital gains tax is applicable to gains that a chargeable person makes from disposing of any chargeable possessions. Almost every person living in the UK either he is running a business or owning a chargeable property needs consultancy services for the assessment of capital gains tax returns. It includes all kinds of possessions and related things that come under the chargeable assets list by HMRC. In this regard, Weaccountax can provide you all the expertise and assistance for calculating, planning, and paying CGT in order to enable you to take advantage of maximum reliefs and exemptions.

Inheritance Tax Return

Inheritance taxes always imposed on the donee instead of donors on the time of transfer of property or possessions in both cases of lifetime transfer and on death transfers. These taxes can be minimized with proper planning to transfer maximum to donees. In this regard, hiring taxation services like Weaccountax Birmingham that is fully capable of providing you comprehensive plans within the jurisdictions by the HMRC and local taxation authorities under different exemptions through shares and securities can be a right way out to transfer maximum to next generation.

PAYROLL Services in Birmingham

A lot of businesses and companies are using our high-end payroll services to manage their taxes and other employee-related tasks. You can hire weaccountax Birmingham for the following services:

Payroll Services

According to taxations rules in the UK by HMRC, every business is bound to have a payroll to provide accurate details about their salaries, tax deductions, and other employee’s related taxation cases. Outsourcing payroll management is the right way for companies to save their time and money, and weaccountax will be the right choice as it can provide all possible ease with the help of the latest digital payroll management software.

PAYE Registration Services

For every business, it is compulsory to register its employees too with HMRC and to provide all the details about employees even there is only one employee. All this is required for creating the payroll system for the company to pay the taxes accordingly. In this case, Weaccountax Birmingham is up to the mark for proving PAYE registration services and making it easy for clients to focus on their business and make maximum out of it.

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