Becoming a self-employed accountant

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Becoming a self-employed accountant

Turning to be a self-employed accountant is one big mainstream these days. What can be better than freelance accounting if you’re the one fond of numbers? Getting started from scratch may seem daunting but becoming a self-employed accountant has turned to be easier than ever before. Following are some of the basic steps that one must follow to get the step in.

Nowadays, the freelance market is full of newbie accountants with no as such skill. One needs to be a bit qualified for a good payback.



Starting from the minimum to maximum (to some extent only), if you desire to become a well-qualified self-employed accountant then AAT is one of the easiest and the best option you can start with. Without requiring any prior formal qualification, one can easily pass the levels of AAT and become its member to be recognized as a well-qualified accountant around the globe. Once, you are done with AAT, you can easily help your clients with book keeping. As your experience will grow you can turn up to take projects for payroll, VAT, taxation, and full accounts preparation. Adding ACCA to your qualification with expose you to more advanced projects.

Experience under your belt

The next best possible step towards becoming a well-recognized self-employed accountant is to gain maximum possible experience. Aiming to be self-employed and desiring to be settled on any full-time reputable position can be quiet daring. Your one best step towards gaining experience may include being an intern with low or no pay at all on any financial role. It can embrace your skills to maximum, starting with book keeping to flying towards being a self-employed accountant for tax returns and more complicated matters. Experience is what matters the most in being a self-employed accountant.

legal recognition

Stepping towards more successful self-employment opportunities involves getting yourself legally recognized. Talking particularly about UK, get yourself registered with HMRC to find better clients for more big and high-paid projects. HMRC does not only give you better opportunities for UK but it is well recognized in many other parts of the world as well. Hence, considered the best option to strive for a big platform for home-based self-employed accountants.

Marketing yourself

Last but not the least, yet the most important, becoming a wanted self-employed accountant requires serious attention towards marketing yourself. Marketing yourself is basically marketing your skills and qualifications. Both jobs and clients don’t walks up door to door. The only way to become a good self-employed accountant after polishing your primary skills is to market them. Get active on social media and tell people what unique skills and packages you have got for them. Nowadays, marketing your freelance accounting skills is way different than before.

Social media is one of the leading platform to speak and show up your skills. You have got an opportunity to join many of the rolling freelance websites or groups on any social website like Facebook where you can post your offerings. Moreover, one can also build up a website since the scope is vast enough. If you are planning for something big, getting your own website to offer your accounting skills is another great option to earn great sums.

Now, in the 21st century, self-employed accountants are dealing with heavy packages in the freelance market. Their scope is growing day by day. From newbies dealing with bookkeeping to the pros filing tax returns, freelance accountants are appearing to be one of the highest money makers. According to a research, self-employed accountants for tax return are one of the highly wanted freelancers and hired on decent sums.

Anyone desiring to become a self-employed accountant can easily step in by following the above steps. It is a complete brief guide towards starting up with a bookkeeper to growing up the most desired ones for filing tax returns and more important matters.

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