Partner is one who can refer clients to us.

We will pay the referral fees to partner for the each client that registers with us.
We provide totally customized services to fulfill the needs of our customer, so do know someone that needs our services Become Partner?

Fast sign-up partnership

We are willing to work with you to provide your clients accountancy services. For example, you are running your own consultancy business who has a collection of clients but requires a firm to help with the accountancy and tax side of things for your clients.

Reciprocal Agreement

Similarly if we have the clients who can avail the services provided by you, we will refer those clients to you.

White Labeling

For larger number of clients we are can also work under your brand as an extension of your business. This means the services we offer could be services your business could offer. All calls, emails and letterheads could be branded under your company umbrella.