Annual Returns/ Confirmation Statement in London

Annual Returns in London provides a snapshot a company’s general information, which includes the details about the officers of the company (e.g. directors and company secretary), registered office address, share capital and full details of shareholders. The confirmation statement has replaced the annual return to Companies House with effect from 30 June 2016.

All limited companies and Limited liability partnership in the UK must have to Annual Returns in London. form to Companies House every year even if the company is dormant.
Limited companies submit form ‘’AR01’’ while Limited liability partnership submits ‘’LL AR01’’.

Filling Deadline & Penalties

  • Companies House sent email alerts and reminders to registered office address when it comes due.
  • The due date is usually a year after either:
  • the date when a company was incorporated.
  • the date when last annual return or confirmation statement was filed.

Confirmation statement must be filed within 14 days after the due date.

If a company fails to submit a confirmation statement within the deadline, it may be fined up to £5,000 and the registrar also has the authority to strike off the company from the company’s register and its assets become the property of the crown.

Filing your Annual Return Services Form

Annual Return services in UK can be submitted online through the Companies House ‘’Web Filing system’’, online submission of an Annual Return via its Web Filing system costing just £13. If you file through ‘’Web filing’’ you will receive ‘e-Reminders’, when your Annual Return becomes due.

Contents of confirmation statement

Which states ‘’Company director & company secretary’’ of the company e.g. The officer’s forename, surname, date of birth, nationality and other business involvement (if any)

Statement of capital

Which describes the class of shares, number of shares allocated, their aggregated nominal value, the amount paid/unpaid per share and currency in which share was issued along with the name of shareholders and their shareholding percentage.

Significant changes during the year

Confirmation statement also includes the details of relevant events which have taken place during the period including changes to the company’s principle business activity and information about changes about people with significant control.

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Charities Annual Returns Services in London

Charities registered in England and Wales also have the requirement to submit annual return to Companies House, but the criteria is slightly different.

If your charity’s income is less than £10,000 – you don’t need to send an annual return. Instead, you only have to keep your details up to date with regards to income, expenditure, trustees and contact details.

If your charity’s income is more than £10,000 – you must have to submit annual return within 10 months of the end of your financial year and also have to keep your charity’s details up to date

We will provide you with all the technical support a company needs to prepare the confirmation statement and to file with the companies house.