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The evolution of technology has impacted many industries and financial accounting has not been left behind. The days are gone when accountants did manual accounting relying on battery-operated calculators, pens, and papers. Instead of relying on object-oriented programs, accountants are instead using automated accounting software programs which is hence changing the role of accountants into businesses advisors. The accounting services offered by WeAccountax clearly shows the change in dynamics, which has made accounting services easier and efficient for Business and contractors.

Technological trends impacting on accounting industry


Technological Trends Impacting the Accounting Industry

The ability to use computing services in accounting has made accountants showcase deeper knowledge in accounting. As a result, the roles of accounting firms are no longer limited to bookkeeping but advance to other useful areas like decision making. While there are several technological advancements that are impacting on financial accounting industry, the following have the greatest impact in the industry.

Cloud computing– this is an Internet-based computing that allows computers to share processing and data resources with other devices on demand. Through the use of cloud computing, accountants are able to perform accounting tasks remotely and provide their clients with all necessary information via the cloud. Weaccountax providing you services via cloud computing, you are left with enough time to engage with your clients and focus on other important business strategies without worrying about your business bookkeeping.

Mobile accounting– through use of mobile-based accounting applications, accountants are able to access and share data with their clients at all times. These apps make it easy for accountancy firms to manage their client’s accounting data on the move. This means that your business will never be late in handling accounting related tasks such as sending and reconciling invoices, creating expense claims, and adding receipts. Most importantly, accounting mobile apps are personalized depending on the needs of your businesses. Before proposing a mobile app, the accounting firm will first familiarize with your business needs to help come up with a more customized accounting app.

Tax software– the tax software help accountancy firms to produce more accurate data by reducing the error margins. As a result, businesses are able to avoid tax penalties and other financial issues that may arise from the stakeholders. Weaccountax accounting firm well converses with the use of accounting software since they increase the auditing efficiency of the firms.

OCR Technology– weaccountax accountancy firm are using the OCR technology which allows them to transform PDF documents, scanned copies, and images captured using digital cameras into editable copies. This technology makes it easy for an accounting firm to digitalize your old accounting records, which are easy to search, sort, and transfer to secure servers.

use of financial accounting services in business

Use of Financial Accounting Services in Businesses

Many business organizations understand that having accurate financial information can help them determine whether their business operations are effective and efficient as they ought to be. In large businesses corporations, limitation of employee working hours and minimum wage compensation make maintaining the financial accounting department internally unmanageable. Many small businesses are limited from managing financial accounting departments since there is a limited employee working hours and minimum wage compensation. This results in many businesses outsourcing the bookkeeping services to external accounting firms.

Financial accounting firms have the expertise that helps them understand a businesses’ financial information hence saving it from grievous business positions such as limited cash flow and bankruptcy. Most of these firms offer online accounting services in London which make the entire process more efficient, highly flexible, and affordable.

While maintaining an internal accounting department can only provide you with the basic accounting tasks, an external firm specializes in more. weaccountax accountancy firm is well equipped to help them keep up with the ever-changing aspects of accounting. Through their services, they can provide you with historical financial records which will guide you in making informed business decisions. In addition, our accounting firm provide you with several other benefits including;

Reviewing financial statements

Reviewing financial information can be a time-consuming task if done internally since it requires reviewing financial trends and analysis of each businesses account. The financial firms have the advantage of having certified accountants who specialize in various accounting fields. In addition, the firms use computerized accounting systems which increase the efficiency of analyzing each account. By use of computer analysis systems, weaccountax financial firm are able to “drill down” each individual account and especially the industry-specific financial statements which include; the balance sheet, income statement, and the cash flow statement.

Budget development

Weaccountax Financial firm is able to pull down historical financial information of the business and using the information to predict whether the numbers will increase or decrease in the future. Through the provision of historical financial records of the business, the firm will help you create your business trend by comparing with your current financial records. You can, thereafter, use the trends as leading indicators on about your business in regard to consumer behavior and increase in the cost of economic resources or any other useful financial information.

Track cash management

Financial accounting firm can help you track cash used to purchase goods, services, and economic resources from other businesses. In a business environment, these purchases are known as trade credit. An accounting firm will help you keep track of this information and separate between accounts receivable and accounts payable. The former represents all the money that has not yet been collected from consumers while the latter stands for all the cash owed to other businesses for purchased resources.

benefits of using accounting services

Benefits of Using Accounting Services

If you are running a small business, there are a lot of challenges that you are already facing and unless you employ efficient and effective skills, you might encounter great losses. One of the most beneficial measures that you can take as a small business owner is hiring an accounting firm instead of employing an in-house accountant. Financial accounting firms are comprised of licensed financial consultants who specialize in various accounting fields. Hiring such a firm offers your business the following benefits;

Synergism– other than bookkeeping, weaccountax accounting firm offer other services that you can hire on demand. These firms comprise of professionals in the financial management including bookkeepers, financial advisors, and budget planners among other professionals. When all these services are combined, your business realizes staggering benefits.

Increased profits– a financial firm will always provide you with timely financial reports since they will have a professional dedicated to handling your financial needs. Through timely decision making, you can easily use the reports to manipulate the external forces to work in your favor. In addition, you can use the reports to control the pricing of your good and services and hence avoid over-pricing or under-pricing.  In case you make a decision that results in losses, availability of timely financial reports will help you to identify and rectify the error before your business realizes losses it can barely recover from.

Money management– one of the major causes of failure in small businesses is poor money management. Working with an accounting firm ensure that you have experts on your side who will assist you in interpreting your financial reports. When this information is combined with your projections, you can easily estimate the position of your business cash wise at any given time. Also, the availability of financial reports makes it easy for the business to avoid facing short-term cash shortages since you can use the reports to plan your business days in advance.

Time management– when you hire an accounting firm, you are assigned an expert who is experienced in handling the task. The professional will have no other distracting tasks that might result in errors. This is unlike when you hire an in-house accountant who is supposed to handle all the accounting needs of your business. Balancing sheets, updating the payrolls, sending invoices, and preparing financial reports can be too much for the accountant. In this case, he will be forced to work on overtime basis which will cost your company more money. Still, he might not manage to handle all the tasks in a timely manner.

Cost saving- using the services of an accounting firm means you can only ask for their services when you are in need. In this case, you will be required to pay for services delivered and not for hours worked. This means you will not need to pay the monthly salary for an in-house accountant. As an overall, an accounting firm saves your business time and money.

Skilled and specialized experience– accounting firms are made of accounting experts who specialize in different areas and get chances to work with various firms. From this exposure, the accountants are able to gain skills and expertise, as an in-house accountant.



Accountancy Services by WeAccountax

 WeAccountax is an online based accountancy firm in the UK specializing in offering accounting services for small businesses. We are made of a team of highly skilled chartered accountants who ensure quality delivery to all our clients. Our team includes experienced accountants, tax advisors, and associate accountants, who all work with the aim improving the efficiency of accountancy services in the UK. Our firm has been operating for the last 12 years, a period which we have provided accountancy services in London to small and medium-sized business enterprises.

accounting services by weaccountax

Our areas of specialization

If you run a small or medium-sized business and are looking for UK online accounting services in any of the following areas, you can WeAccountax for assistance.

our areas of specilization
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping services
  • Yearend accounts of companies
  • Tax-related affairs of businesses in UK tax regime
  • Management accounts on any desired intervals
  • Companies secretarial services
  • Payroll services
  • Individual’s tax affairs and self-assessment return matters.
  • Capital Gains Tax and VAT
  • Financial software implementation and training
  • Assistance with complex and emerging accounting standards.
  • Advising on dividends and minimum wages
  • Vat registration service
  • PAYE registration service
  • Trademark registration service.
  • Dealing with HMRC inquiries
  • We also offer accounting for contractors in Birmingham, and Manchester
  • Sole Traders
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Partnerships
Why You Should Hire Our Online Accountancy Services

Why You Should Hire Our Online Accountancy Services

If you run a business in London and are looking for the best accountancy firm, then you need to make sure you are working with the best in terms of professionalism and experience. Our dedication to providing our clients with designated accounting services depending on their needs has helped us outstand as the best in accounting London. We are known for our efficiency in service delivery with many clients coming to us when looking for limited company accounting services. If you are still not convinced why you should trust us with your accounting for small business services, the following reasons should.

  • We have a satisfied clientele base- we work with a diverse clientele base which has enabled us to gain cross-industrial experience. From this exposure, our chartered accountants are able to provide top-notch accounting services to all clients leaving them satisfied.
  • Strong network– to help stay up-to-date with the trending accounting news, we closely network with other financial institutions. This helps us serve our clients with utmost efficiency and credibility.
  • Provide trustworthy financial reports– financial reports need to not only be availed in a timely manner but also with utmost credibility. Our team of accounting experts ensures that all financial reports are accurate before sending them to the client. With financial reports provided by WeAccountax, business owners have been able to make informed decisions that have helped their organizations remain competitive.
  • Offer financial advice– other than accounting services, our team of experts is also versed in running small businesses. We offer all our services at a highly affordable cost to ensure small businesses can acquire them without breaking the bank. You can choose the services you require from our accounting website and an expert will help you depending on your business needs.


To request our services, contact one of our online accountants and he will be able to guide you and explain all our services to you. We offer you two packages, the detailed accounting package that is common to many clients and the tailored accounting solution that we customize to meet your business needs. Do not let tax accounting or bookkeeping duties wear you down, contact us today and we will be happy to assign you one of our professional chartered accountants to assist you.

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