Accounting For Accountants

Working Methodology:

Our carefully designed customized client need based accounting solutions provides our clients a satisfying experience regardless of their size of the organization, nature of industry and operational complexities.

The Ad Hoc package:

Ad Hoc package provides our client a firsthand experience of the outsourcing experience and how our team will add value in your organization. A starter package, which helps the customer understand the value addition and extend to other available packages in near future.

The Part time package:

Smaller business are prone to failure if over exposed to excessive cost, we have designed a part time package which provide partial virtual accounting support and charges a very reasonable price at the same time providing an effective accountancy solution which meets all of our client needs customized to perfection that fits his business.

The Full time Package:

Alternate to part time package, this provide full time support to our valued customers and ensure our services are available around the clock. Despite the valuable support, service is provide to our clients at a reasonable price to ensure, that the affordability of the service doesn’t hinder with the value addition to our valuable clients’ businesses. The Full time package enables our team of professionals to grasp the core gist of the business quickly and customize our financial solutions as soon as possible.

The virtual team package:

This is ultimate top up package with the earlier described Full time Package, which transfers the entire accounting and finance responsibility of the organization to our experts and client is waived off holding an internal department and getting a better service at the same time along with peace of mind by being waived off by their important liability


Invention of cloud based accounting software and networking technologies has enabled accountancy firms to manage financial accounts and finance of the company by long distant methodology. Information is passed on between servers to provide real time accounting experience for our clients in terms of bookkeeping and financial reporting. Following are the most commonly used solutions to distant location accounting management.

Remote Control Methodology:

Remote control solution based on networking technology, allows our team of expert to establish a system in your company and control it using networking. This Solution allows us to directly access data and provide necessary assistance as the problem arises. This seems like a safer option because, the data migration is completed locked and confidentiality is maintained.

File Transfer Methodology:

2nd way that can be adopted if remote access is not possible because of lack of availability of networking facility, file transfer method is based on cloud based storage websites. Data is transferred and financial services are provided through a distant location online.

  Remote Control Methodology File Transfer Methodology
How we access the Accounting software Accounting software is accessed through networking wizards Accounting software is present at our facility and is accessed physically
Raw data sharing from client Data is already shared as the services are being provided at client facility A secure web based email portal or cloud based storage website is used to transfer data
Procedure performance place Server computer placed at client location At our facility
Client access to reports Financial reporting is available at real time and data never leaves client office, ensuring maximum data protection for our clients data Has to be transferred through online web based email portals or cloud based storages.
Reporting time schedule Our experts will exhibit their available on Skype or any other connection medium from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Our experts will exhibit their available on Skype or any other connection medium from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Help to choose This package is used for the companies which is discrete about their data and want to ensure maximum data for their financial data. This package is for smaller business who do not have proper networking option