3 Areas That Small Business Owners Struggle With the Most

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3 Areas That Small Business Owners Struggle With the Most


Many people dream of starting and running their own businesses. This can be supported by millions of small companies that open their doors every year. In fact, small businesses are registered on a daily basis. Are you considering launching your small company? It is a great idea if you get the fundamentals right.

Small business owners face a long list of challenges on a daily basis. While some sail through the struggles, many get knocked out of business. In order to successfully go through these struggles as small business owner, you have to identify some of the most common issues your business is likely to face. Here are 3 areas that small business owners struggle with the most:

employee turn over
  • Employee Turnover

Attracting and keeping the right talent is a real struggle for many small business owners. This is because unlike established corporations that provide lucrative employment packages, new startups find it challenging to meet employee demands. Ideally, highly skilled employees are looking for big salaries, health benefits, allowances, and vacation days.

Can your startup provide these? Whether your answer is a yes or a no, the fact is your small company requires a talented human resource to pull it forward.

Competing with corporations that offer competitive packages for unique talent, therefore, remains a challenge. Many new startups continue to lose their staff to bigger firms leading to high employee turnover.

The high turnover comes with costs to the business since it takes time and other resources to hire, train, and motivate staff. In order to manage turnover, it is important for small business owners to identify talented individuals who are willing to commit themselves to the business. As the business owner, however, you should be ready to motivate, give room for advancement, and provide strategic leadership to the team.

Financial management
  • Financial Management

Apart from developing new products, a small business requires financing to execute marketing programs, pay salaries, and to implement growth initiatives. Nearly all small business owners would tell you that financing and financial management is a huge struggle. In fact, it is not easy to source for the money needed to facilitate daily operations as well as long-term objectives.

Balancing cash flow is a challenge.  Within the limited budgets, new startups are forced to strike a balance between income and expenditure. With little income, small business owners still have to finance marketing, regulatory compliance, and development. Balancing between account receivables and accounts payables is another financial challenge. 

In order to stay in business, you should always ensure that the firm has enough cash to carter business operations. Unfortunately, you will have to close down as soon as your company will be unable to run due to cash deficit. Consider using some of the best cheap accounting software to monitor your company’s financial status.

profitable customers
  • Attracting and Retaining Profitable Customers

Generally, new businesses find it a real struggle to attract and retain profitable customers. Further, small business owners find it tricky to reach out to all targeted segments due to constrained marketing and advertising budgets.

It is true that many consumers prefer established brands. However, not many are able to afford higher prices charged by popular brands. Owners of new start-ups should, therefore, capitalize on affordable online marketing platforms to reach out to the many clients who are looking for good quality products/services at affordable rates. You should strive to provide excellent services in order to retain your current clients.

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