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Qualities that make our cheap accounting services for business and contractors the most outstanding

There are many accountancy service providers in the market but not all of them are equal in terms of services delivery. The only way your small business can prosper is if you are working with an efficient and reliable accounting firm. If you run a small business in the UK and are wondering where to find a reliable accountancy firm, you are in luck as WeAccountax offers online bookkeeping in London, Leeds, and York. You know you can trust us because;

  • We are made of a team of cheap chartered accountants– this means that you will have access to some of the most exceptional skills in the industry. Working with our team means that your business will always be in the forefront to adapt to the changing demands of accountancy.
  • We use the best and most recent accountancy tech– we always like to be in the forefront in applying the best and latest technology in accountancy. This helps us increase our efficiency when handling bookkeeping and any other accountancy related services to all our clients.
  • Cost reduction– by working with us, you sign a contract whereby you are expected to choose a package that suits you the most. In this case, you only pay for the services you use which help cut cost. WeAccountax is highly flexible and can customize a package to ensure we meet your demands.

Other than these benefits, we are known to offer competitive cheap accounting services for business and contractors. Among our distinguished accounting services include: read more

Cheap Company Formation

At WeAccountax, we have made the formation of limited companies easy and affordable by digitalizing the process. We offer ltd company formation in London, Edinburgh, and in all UK whereby you complete the process by following a few simple steps.

  • Choosing a company name- when setting up a limited company, you must first choose a name. Enter your name in our system and search to ensure that your name is unique to avoid complains if someone else is using the name for his business. Using our cheap company formation ensures that your company name ends with “ltd”, it doesn’t some characters or words that are similar to another existing company, and that your company’s name is not too similar to that of another company.
  • Choose a company address- when starting a limited company in the UK, you must ensure you have a physical address where all your communications will be addressed. When setting up the company address, you must ensure it is physically available in the UK and it must be in the same country your company is registered in.
  • Appointing directors and a secretary- for the Companies House to approve your limited company formation, you must choose at least one director. When choosing a director, you must ensure he is at least 16 years old and even if he is not living in the UK, he must have a registered address in the country. You can also choose to have a company secretary although it’s not a necessity. A secretary can act as a director but he cannot be the company’s auditor.
  • Starting a limited company means that it is limited by the number of shares. You can have shareholders who own certain shares of the company but if you are the only shareholder, then it means you own all the company shares. Individual shares can be worth any value and in case the company were to shut down, the shareholders will need to pay for their shares in full.
  • Once your limited company is approved, we are going to help you prepare the memorandum and articles of association. The former is a legal document signed by all company shareholders stating they have agreed to form the company. The latter contains the rules agreed upon by the shareholders, company directors, and the secretary and must be followed.

WeAccountax will help you with company formation in the united kingdom. All you need to do is choose you most suitable package, fill in your company details, and we will take care of the rest. Our affordable company formation services are the best for your needs because;

  • We provide you with a list of requirements needed in a forming a limited company
  • Give you access to a concise guide while forming your ltd company
  • Login to our online admin portal where you can easily maintain, develop, and oversee the progress of your company formation online

Tax return UK

Many business owners in the UK find the filing of HMRC tax return online a complicated and time-consuming task. Unfortunately, ignoring filing these returns is against the tax laws and can lead to one paying a heavy fine. A number of people who try handling the task by themselves end up making a lot of mistakes which results in errors being reported by the HM Revenue & Customs. If you dread the tough of handling these tax files, you can relax and contact as to offer you the best HMRC tax returns services in London UK.

As with our other cheap accounting services ,our self-assessment tax return services in UK are cost friendly and we are going to help you;

  • Calculate your tax position
  • Handle all your business tax affairs
  • Fill in your tax returns files in an accurate and timely manner
  • File your HMRC tax return online
  • Answer any tax-related questions that you may have
  • Provide you with a full report of your tax records

VAT Registration Threshold

If your business has a VAT taxable turnover of over £85,000, then you must register with HMRC for VAT. After registration, you are provided with a certificate that shows;

  • Your business’ VAT number
  • What time you are expected to file your first VAT returns and payment
  • Your effective date of registration

However, it is not a must you wait until your business gets a £85,000 turnover, you can register for VAT threshold voluntarily. Registering for VAT gives you certain responsibilities which include;

  • Charge right amount of VAT
  • Clear all due VAT to HMRC
  • Ensure you submit your VAT returns in a timely manner
  • Have a VAT account and keep all your VAT records

One of the many services we offer at WeAccountax is helping business owners with online registration of VAT. We understand that as a business owner, you have numerous responsibilities and you might not have time to do the registration. One of the benefits of hiring us as your accountancy firm is that we are going to help you, whether you have a government gateway ID or not. In case you fall under the second category, we are going to help you register for the ID and then file your VAT returns online.

Why Small and Medium Sized Businesses Should Hire Self-Employed Bookkeeping Services

Many small and medium-sized businesses cannot afford to own accounting software since they are quite expensive. Also, hiring an in-house bookkeeper can prove challenging since they come with certain expenses that must be met, yet you want to effectively run your business within your limit. However, these challenges don’t make the need for cheap accountants any less important. Any business regardless of the size must practice proper bookkeeping procedures if it hopes to prosper. Hiring self-employed bookkeeping services solve all the challenges for not having a professional bookkeeper and help cut cost incurred on hiring an in-house cheap accountant.

Cloud Bookkeeping

One of the major and most beneficial technological changes to happen in business industry is the cloud accounting. Just like cloud computing, cloud accounting allows you to store and access all your data on the internet. With cloud accounting, you don’t necessarily need to install accounting software on your computer, which hence helps cut the cost of purchase. WeAccountax offers cloud bookkeeping in London and Bristol, a service that offers our clients the following benefits;

  • Cuts costs since you don’t need to purchase ridiculously expensive computer hardware to store and manage your bookkeeping data. Since data is accessible from the internet via the browsers, all you need is a single computer and internet connection.
  • You can easily access your data from anywhere and update it as you wish as long as you are connected to the internet.
  • You can fill your tax files in a timely manner since it is easy to access your business ledge from the loud and update it accordingly. Chances of errors are also minimized since you can checks the ledgers any time.
  • You get a chance to interact with your accountants in real time and hence save time spent on exchanging data files.
  • Unlike buying an accounting software, practicing cloud-based bookkeeping saves you a lot of money since all you need is to pay an annual fee which is relatively cheaper than software.
  • Your freelance bookkeeper will ensure your software is always up-to-date and hence saves you time spent downloading updates. You will also be on the know-how in case there are any new tax updates that might affect your business.

Bookkeeping Training Online

In today’s business world, more small business owners opt for online bookkeeping services as compared to employing an in-house accountant. WeAccountax understands this and that’s why we strive to offer online cheap accountants training services to all our esteemed customers

. This service has numerous benefits to our customers such as;

  • Reduced paperwork– by using our online bookkeeping services, you can access all your financial records online and through a mobile app and hence reduced. As an addition, you can share receipts with the responsible party via photos.
  • Efficiency in data entry– as your accountancy services providers, we are going to handle all the hard data entry tasks. We are going to help you connect your business bank accounts to our online system whereby all your transactions records will be downloaded automatically.
  • Our online bookkeeping system allows you to access others useful apps that will automatically synchronize with payment transactions, sales, and import data among others.
  • Quick access– when your financial records are available online, it becomes easy for all authorized people to access them. Most importantly, the data is always updated automatically whenever any changes occur. This improves the level of efficiency in which your business deals with various transactions.
  • Reduced cost– by using online bookkeeping services, you no longer have to pay for hardware and system hosting services as all that will be handled by WeAccountax.
  • Stay updated– tax laws and regulations keep on changing and sometimes you may not be on the know-how about such changes. By assigning your bookkeeping services to an online bookkeeper, your system will automatically be updated and you will never have to worry missing an upgrade or new features.

WeAccountax is dedicated to providing cloud-based bookkeeping services to small businesses in London. We have accountants in specifically London, Leeds, Edinburgh, Leicester, Sheffield, Northampton, Cardiff, York, and Derby and whole United Kingdom . Our chartered accountants will help you in managing the day to day transactions, keep track of all purchases and payments, and manage cash flow. With our services, processing your end year tax adjustments is made easy.

As a business owner, you understand that every business transaction must have an effect on your transaction records. You need a professional bookkeeper to hale keep you accounting equation balanced at all times. WeAccountax offers double-entry bookkeeping UK, which ease the processing of preparing your financial records and also ensure no errors are recorded.

Online WeAccountax Payroll System

WeAccountax offers online payroll in London, UK which is a cloud-based system that allows you to complete all your payment processes in a timely manner and from anywhere whether using a desktop, laptop or a tablet. Our online payroll system is recognized by the HMRC for being fast, secure, and complies with the Pension Regulation. More so, it is one of the best-managed payroll services in the UK as you can auto-compile and auto-fill your tax records just by a click of the mouse.


Through the help of our outsourced payroll specialist, you can learn to use our intuitive driven system to produce payslip printout or choose the more secure electronic self-service payslips for your employees. The system also gives you a choice to have both. Our online payroll in London offers the following benefits;

  • Easily access your company’s payrolls via the internet– all you need to do is create an account with us and you can easily and securely access your employee payrolls from anywhere at any time you want.
  • Auto-fill the HMRC RTI forms– upon completion of each payroll run, our online payroll system auto-fill all the necessary RTI forms and complies them ready for your review. Once you approve, the files are electronically filed to the HMRC.
  • Report compilation– WeAccountax online payroll system produces comprehensive statutory reports and any additional costing reports

What are business consultant requirements?

As a small business owner, you may be familiar with your products and services but you will need help with other aspects of running your business. For instance, you may not have the slightest idea about marketing, public relations, accounting, and human resources among other things. Since all these areas are important to the prosperity of your business, you will need to work with a reliable business consultant.

When the idea of hiring a business consultant sounds great, many entrepreneurs make the mistake of hiring the wrong people. To avoid making this similar mistake, consider looking for the following business consultant requirements.

  • Made of an experienced team– you can tell a consulting firm is made of professionals by the way they approach you as a client. Such consultants won’t waste your time by sending their senior staff to sell their services but later assign you to the less experienced members of the staff. Instead, a good consultancy firm is the one that sends you a professional from the first day and assigns you that staff member to handle all your issues once you sign a contract with them. In addition, the firm should have enough experts to handle all your requirements. Depending on your budget, you can either have an individual or a team of consultants.
  • Success story– when interviewing a consultancy firm, they should be able to provide you with a list of their previous customers. You can tell the firm is efficient in their work if their past customers are happy with the services received. Most importantly, try confirming with clients who run a similar business as yours or whose firm size is similar to yours. Remember there are several consultancy firms that are very good at marketing but inadequate when it comes to job delivery.
  • Cost-effective– one of the main reasons you might consider hiring a consultancy firm is because you cannot afford to hire a full in-house staff. In this case, you need to work with a firm that is offering all the professional services you require at an affordable price. While considering this factor, you need also to look at the level of experience. You might work with a cheap consultancy firm who is inexperienced in service delivery, hence taking a long time to achieve your goals. When this is the case, the final cost of the services ends up being ridiculously expensive than when you would have hired an expert. A good consultancy firm is the one that gives you a definite date when they will solve your problem without exceeding it indefinitely.
  • Flexibility– when hiring a business consultant, you may be torn between hiring a specialist or a generalist. The latter is usually the best option since the professional will have worked in various industries. In this case, the firm will manage to pull together various techniques and provide you with the best solutions for your problems. At the end of the day, what matters most is the ability of the consultancy firm to add value to your business.
  • Exceptional communication skills– while hiring a consultancy firm, you should gauge their communication skills. The firms should be able to listen to your needs, pay attention to details about your requirements, and be able to provide you with a professional and unbiased solution. The more clear and effective the communication skills of the firms are, the better and longer working relationship your business will have with the firm.

Roles and responsibilities of a business consulting firm

Business consultants bring their knowledge and expertise in the industry to help you in solving certain issues you may be having in your company. Once you hire a consultancy firm, the professional will help you in;

  • Setting up a meeting with you and help in assessing the problematic situation you have in your company
  • Collect useful information about your business that might help in determine the underlying problems and come up with solutions to those problems
  • Organizing your business projects and ensuring all of them are executed as per your requirements
  • Carry out a thorough data analysis to determine any underlying problems and their probable cause
  • Formulate and present your company with recommendations and solutions as per your requirements and capabilities
  • Offer you guidance in case of any recurring problems
  • Help you with implantation of the solution

Business consulting firms near me

When seeking professional advice about your business, it is usual to ask yourself, “How do I get a business consulting firm near me?” Since you now know of all qualities that you need to look for when hiring a consultant, it shouldn’t be hard for you to separate an average firm from the professionals.

WeAccountax cheap accountants in north, east, south, and west London provide business consultancy services in various industries. We have been in the industry for years and have accumulated professionalism in service delivery. In addition, we are made of a team of professionals who are always more than willing to provide our clients with pitch-perfect consultancy services.

Whether you are looking for online accounting for contractors in Birmingham and Manchester or any other business consulting services, WeAccountax will be your perfect choice. We have;

  • The required experienced to handle any accounting or business consultancy services
  • Diverse knowledge in the use of the latest technology in all business areas
  • Outstanding communication skills that allow professional presentation of our services and solutions to your problems
  • Creative aptitude for problem-solving
  • A strong team that possess analytical mind in problem-solving

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WeAccountax provide affordable accountancy & tax services for a fixed, monthly fee

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  • Mail Forwarding Address
  • Registered Office Address

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